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What’s Your Brand's Story?

I was just reading a blog post by Benton Crane, who works at the Harmon Brother’s agency. Yes, this is the Harmon brothers who made the Poopourri commercial, remember that one? It was so funny and not something we saw every day, which is why you remember it today.

The post is titled “How to make your brand memorable when you don’t have a gazillion dollar budget, “which I believe a lot of us running small businesses can relate to. We can’t compete with the big guys when it comes to our advertising budget, so we must be creative. But, how? Simple, tell stories! People love stories, our whole lives are surrounded by stories, every conversation we have is a story. Creating a good story around your brand will make a big impact in your marketing. But, you need to do it the right way.

As Benton says, the big guys who have a long history in the market and are easily recognizable can get away with generic ads, your small brand based in Amarillo, TX can’t! (I say that because at one point my small video production company was based out of Amarillo, TX. I know how it goes.) But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance. A great story can make your tiny operation the David of the business world (as in David & Goliath), at least in your market.

So, look around you and come up with a great story to help you market your brand, and if you are not good at that, then hire someone who is. There are tons of small production companies just wanting to help you out, and remember that when you find someone who will give you a good story, it will probably not be cheap but that’s exactly who you want on your side.

If you want to read the entire blog post by Benton Crane, click HERE!

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